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GraphSight - the handy 2D math graphing software and curve fitting for teachers, engineers and students

GraphSight v.2.0.1 - graphing program with curve fitting capabilities (30-day trial, US$ 29.95 to buy)

GraphSight is a convenient tool to plot and explore 2D math functions. It makes it easy to plot common Cartesian y(x) and x(y) graphs, parametric and polar ones. The program also easily imports, exports and plots table-defined graphs (up to 10000 data units). Additionally, it possesses excellent curve fitting abilities (linear, gauss, polynomial, reciprocal, hyperbolic, logarithmic fits are available). Good printing capabilities are also included. Whether you a student, an engineer or a teacher, it happens you spend much time investigating functions behavior. Usually, the derivatives of the first and second order, intervals of increasing and decreasing, inflections of the curve, roots of special equations are found and analyzed to just plot a graph. GraphSight does the entire thing for you. It plots graphs thus letting you set about real research instead of performing graphing shores.

GraphSight is a convenient graphing and curve fitting utility for Windows designed to quickly plot and explore 2D math functions and data. GraphSight easily plots common x(y), y(x) Cartesian, parametric, polar and table-defined graphs. GraphSight curve fitting engine uses least squares method to perform regression analysis (different regression types are supported). This tiny powerful graphing software gives you a full control over a coordinate plane through the interactivity of every graphics on it.

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GraphSight Junior - the simple freeware 2D math plotting utility for students and teachers

GraphSight Junior v.1.0 - free graphing program for school or college (registers for free)

GraphSight Junior is an easy to use freeware handy 2D math-graphing program. It was originally designed to help students and teachers satisfy their day-after-day math plotting needs. It makes it easy to plot and explore common Y(X) = F(X) Cartesian graphs, set text labels on the coordinate plane, zoom or shift a graph with just a single click & move of mouse. The resulting picture can be than exported to a file or windows clipboard as a bitmap. GraphSight Junior is an alternative way of "seeng" the equation. Considering the left and right sides of an equation f(x) = g(x) be functions (no doubt, they are both functions of x) there is a possibility to visually observe its roots. Plotting those f(x) and g(x) will result to two curves intersecting in case of the equation has real roots. The x-coordinates of the points of intersection are the roots. No intersections means no roots. Why do we still spend lots of time to find something that does not exist? Plot an equation first to see how to carry out its solution optimally. Often, the way of solving a problem becomes absolutely clear when a graphing program is used.

GraphSight Junior is a freeware small graphing utility for Windows intended for compiling simple y(x)-like Cartesian graphs. This handy grapher is a good solution for students who use their computer to struggle with their homework. A teacher will also find it great graphing tool while making lesson plans or creating a math course.

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HiDigit - is an essential software tool for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering calculations involving complex numbers and user-defined functions

HiDigit v.1.0 - neat scientific desktop calculator (30-day trial, US $19.95 to buy)

HiDigit is calculating software for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students, teachers and scientists. Simple input format of complicated formulas, working with complex numbers, user-defined functions, variables and built-in constants from different fields of science has made HiDigit a serious and 'must have' scientific software What is the most boring part of any kind of research work? No doubt, calculations are. Nothing is more irritating than getting an error instead of precise result. Nothing is more painful than loosing time while performing a laboratory work for chemistry or physics the night before exams. Nobody likes lots of calculating work, especially when huge variety of special constants and parameters are involved. Nobody, but HiDigit. Let it be you everyday calculating servant.

HiDigit is a tiny but powerful calculator designed to help math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students, teachers and scientists to automate basic but routine calculating procedures. Handling user-defined functions and variables, operating with complex numbers, high precision of calculations, wide set of built-in functions and scientific field-specific constants has made HiDigit an essential tool for everyone who deals with scientific research. Pretty straightforward, well designed skinnable interface of the program turns it to be a fascinating adornment for you usual workplace.

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